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12th Wonder (Complete RQL Intelligence)


A Dublin CA-based Software and Services company

Business Objective

To target the Companies involved in the Testing and Validation process within the Automotive Industry, along with targeting OEMs, Test and Certification Labs in USA, EMEA, India, and Japan


A Key challenge was to understand how to target and prospect to new clients and their set of learning with regards to target mapping and positioning for their flagship product, as the client has been working with one significant company – (an Automobile giant) over the last 8 years.

Dynamic Market

Consumers are consuming quality beverages that have better taste, high nutritional value, and are intrinsically wholesome. Taste is not only the sole criterion to satisfy consumer requirements. They are now aware of the ingredients they want or do not want in their food and drinks, and they are apprised of every calorie that will be consumed by them.


Through our offerings of Whitepapers, Primary Interview Verbatims, and Complete RQLTM, we were able to help the client with prospect prioritization and persona mapping. Using our Due Diligence, we helped in improvising the product positioning. Conducted Data Research and Lead Generation initiation, ending with an effective Sales pitch


• Linked promotion for Vehicle Test Life cycle management •

• Email campaigns to 8,000 + contacts

• Calling activity for demo scheduling.

• Website content: • & creation of separate domain


• 1350 High Qualified leads

• 220 Research Qualified leads

• 75 demos: 60 cold calling 15 inbound

• Traffic generation

• 25 POC opportunities. 15 commercial discussions

• Meeting scheduled: Head of Vehicle Safety Testing Lead

• POC started in January 2021

• Current team capacity and deliverables:

• 30 resources including Research Analysts 12 & Inside sales execs 18

• Leads delivered per month:

• 270 RQLs | 60 Meetings/demos/appointments | 120 CCLs