The Road Less Traveled
Starting a business in lead generation is not for the faint of heart. This is not your typical motivational narrative – it's a candid look behind the curtain of an industry veiled in both opportunity and challenge.

At Leadsinfra, We Ventured Into The Lead Gen Space With A Conviction To Deviate From The Norm
Prioritizing quality over quantity, our approach was built on three bedrock principles:

  1. Intentional Lead Generation: Every lead should inch closer to a closed deal.
  2. Personalization is King: Leveraging market intelligence to craft personalized outreach is pivotal.
  3. The Omnichannel Strategy: Recognizing that a one-size-fits-all strategy is obsolete.

These principles charted a path less followed, one that was early on predicted by industry veterans to be difficult to scale. Finding the right talent, who sees beyond scripted cold calls, proved to be a Herculean task.

The uphill battle

Our commitment meant confronting two painful realities:

  • The difficulty in scaling a model purely linked to the client’s (in)efficiency in sales.
  • The skepticism we faced, encapsulated in remarks like “this is too good to be true”.

Yet, there was a silver lining. Clients like Twilio, who credited leadsINFRA with helping them close $10 million in revenue, offered the reassurance we needed. In two years, we built a brand that lived up to its promise, with our story penned by the successes of our clients.

Unveiling industry shadows

Our journey exposed some unsettling truths:

  • Cultural Divides: The US market's willingness to invest in expertise starkly contrasts with the Indian market, where lead gen is often seen as mere support for field sales.
  • Rampant Deception: The industry is rife with vendors selling dubious databases, and the acceptance of this practice is alarming.
  • Location-Based Distrust: A history of fraudulent activity compelled us to relocate from Pune to Hyderabad to rebuild our credibility.

Navigating the minefield

For those venturing into the lead gen business, heed these warnings:

  • Specialize Quickly: Jack-of-all-trades is a master of none. Focus on your strengths.
  • Understand Your Market: Know your target geography and sector intimately.
  • Build, Don't Buy: Invest in creating your database; purchasing one is inefficient.
  • Set Boundaries: Learn to decline clients that don't align with your growth or values.
  • Price Integrity: Maintain your pricing. Those who undervalue your service will likely undervalue your results.
  • Terms of Engagement: Be firm with payment terms. It's better to turn away business than to compromise your sustainability

In conclusion

While this blog sheds light on the cautions, it's part of a larger narrative. Stay tuned for a subsequent post celebrating the triumphs and joys of nurturing a lead-gen business from the ground up.

For now, remember: the path of genuine growth is fraught with challenges, but for the steadfast, it is also lined with opportunities.

Warm regards,
Rohan Salgarkar

About the Author: Rohan Salgarkar is a seasoned professional with over 15 years of experience in strategic consulting and cross-functional management. He has worked extensively with top companies in the Technology sectors and specializes in business consulting, setting up sales processes, and process consulting.