Stages in Sales Funnel (MQL, HQL, ABM)


SMARTlead is a revolutionary lead generation approach that prioritizes quality over quantity to drive business growth. It uses a strategic formula of targeting the right people, using the most effective channels, and crafting compelling messages to generate high-quality leads. SMARTlead is based on a data-driven approach that leverages market research, customer insights, and analytics to inform decision-making. This personalized approach appeals to modern consumers who value authenticity and connection.

SMARTlead is the perfect solution for startups and established businesses looking to drive growth in today's competitive market. Choose SMARTlead for targeted, personalized lead generation that delivers real results.

Smart leads

MQLs - Marketing Qualified Leads

SMARTlead generates MQLs (Marketing Qualified Leads) by targeting the right people, using the right channels, and crafting compelling messages that resonate with their needs and interests.

This is achieved through seven-level research mapping and relevant persona mapping. By understanding your ideal customers and tailoring your outreach efforts accordingly, you can create interest and awareness around your product or service, and increase the likelihood of converting leads into loyal customers.

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Marketing qualified leads MQL

APM - Adaptive Precision Marketing

Adaptive Precision Marketing (APM) is an innovative marketing solution that leverages data-driven market intelligence to create highly targeted and adaptive marketing strategies, enabling businesses to effectively engage their target audience and achieve optimal results.

Adaptive precision marketing APM

HQLs - Highly Qualified Leads

HQLs (Highly Qualified Leads) are an important outcome of the Adaptive Precision Marketing (APM) approach. APM uses data-driven and customized marketing strategies to generate leads with a higher potential for conversion. HQLs are a better fit for your offerings, show a strong interest in your product or service, and are more engaged with your brand.

This results in a higher conversion potential and a shorter sales cycle, ultimately driving growth and improving ROI. LeadsINFRA's APM solution can help businesses generate a higher number of HQLs through continuous monitoring, customized marketing campaigns, and content syndication efforts.

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High qualified leads HQL

ABMi - Appointment

Appointment setting ABMi

Account-Based Market Intelligence (ABMi) by leadsINFRA is a cutting-edge approach to generating high-value appointments for our clients. We focus on identifying and targeting key accounts, applying in-depth market intelligence, and creating personalized strategies that drive results.

Our ABMi approach includes:

  • Prioritizing high-value accounts: We zero in on the most promising prospects, ensuring our efforts are directed towards the clients with the greatest potential for success.
  • Gathering market intelligence: We delve deep into each account, understanding their specific needs, pain points, and decision-making processes, enabling us to create tailor-made outreach strategies.
  • Crafting targeted content: We develop compelling, customized content that speaks directly to the priorities of the target accounts, positioning our clients as the go-to solution providers.
  • Multi-channel engagement: We leverage a variety of channels, including email, social media, and targeted advertising, to maximize our reach and impact.
  • Streamlined appointment setting: Our personalized and assertive approach results in a higher likelihood of securing valuable appointments, bridging the gap between our clients and their ideal prospects.
  • Continuous improvement: We track and analyze key performance indicators, refining our strategies to consistently deliver exceptional results for our clients.