LeadsINFRA’s Performance marketing strategy

LeadsINFRA's Performance Marketing Strategy

LeadsINFRA's approach to performance marketing is built on a foundation of data-driven insights and a focus on continuous improvement. Our goal is to deliver high-quality, cost-effective leads to our client's, while maximizing return on investment. Here's how we do it:

Data-Driven Insights

Data-Driven Insights

We gather and analyze data from multiple sources to gain a deep understanding of the target audience and their buying behavior. This information helps us make informed decisions about where and how to allocate marketing spend for maximum impact.

Data-Driven Insights

Channel Optimization

Our team uses a combination of paid and organic marketing channels to reach the target audience. This includes search engine marketing, social media advertising, content marketing, email marketing, and more. We continuously test and optimize channels to ensure that we are reaching the right audience with the right message.

Data-Driven Insights

Personalized Content

Our marketing campaigns are tailored to each individual audience, ensuring that the messaging resonates and drives engagement. Our use of ABM technologies allows us to create a unique, targeted experience for each prospect, leading to higher conversion rates.

Data-Driven Insights

Lead Conversion Optimization

Once a lead is generated, we use a combination of nurturing campaigns and personal outreach to convert them into customers. Our conversion optimization process is constantly evolving, as we gather data and insights to continuously improve our results.

Data-Driven Insights

Continuous Improvement

Our performance marketing approach is always evolving, as we gather data and insights to continuously improve our results. We regularly analyze performance metrics and make data-driven decisions to optimize our campaigns and maximize return on investment.

At LeadsINFRA, we believe in the power of performance marketing to drive revenue growth and increase sales opportunities. By leveraging our data-driven approach and deep understanding of the target audience, we help our client's achieve their revenue goals.

At LeadsINFRA, our focus is on helping brands stay ahead in the fast-paced and constantly evolving eCommerce industry. With the rise of technology and changes in the way people consume information and make purchasing decisions, it is essential for brands to adapt to these shifts. Our performance marketing solutions are designed to understand the customer journey and their specific business needs.

We use a data-driven approach to achieve our client's mission-critical goals by creating content and marketing strategies that speak directly to their target audience. Our approach generates high returns on investment while also highlighting the value of the brand.

By staying ahead of the technology curve and utilizing our in-depth understanding of the customer journey, LeadsINFRA helps our client's maintain their competitive edge in the market. Contact us today to learn more about our performance marketing solutions and how we can help grow your business.

Stay Ahead of the Game: Keeping Up with the Latest Industry and Market Trends

Many CMOs have been conditioned to focus on the volume of leads generated rather than the quality of those leads. This mindset can lead to wasted marketing spend and poor ROI. To drive results, CMOs need to shift their focus to RQLs, which are an outcome of actionable research insights that establish a rationale for a sales transaction to happen.

LeadsINFRA's Telemarketing Approach:

At LeadsINFRA, we understand the importance of staying ahead in the ever-evolving market landscape, especially in the post-pandemic world where digital transformation has accelerated. With a team of marketing and tele-calling executives, as well as industry experts in sectors such as BFSI, Healthcare, ICT, Semiconductors, Electronics, Chemicals & Materials, Food, Beverage & Agriculture, and more, we are uniquely positioned to bridge the gap between the industry's needs and our offerings.

Our telemarketing strategy is powered by our proprietary platform that combines "Decision Intelligence" with real-time market intelligence, enabled by ML and API technology. This allows us to leverage a database of over 79 million human-verified business contacts to generate leads for our client's and support internal and client-centric marketing activities.

By understanding the customer journey, right from their thought process to their specific business needs, our telemarketing team creates content and campaigns that speak directly to your target audience, leading to high ROI and the effective promotion of your brand's value. Whether it's prospecting, lead generation, or nurturing existing relationships, our telemarketing approach is tailored to deliver results that meet your mission-critical goals.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is the key to the success for any business, as it can increase your visibility, along with helping you boost sales by driving more traffic to your site, providing you with more opportunities to convert leads into customers.

leadsINFRA helps businesses create quick, robust, and user-friendly websites that rank higher in search engines, in turn bringing more qualified potential customers to their site's and eventually increasing the sales conversion rates.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Email Marketing

Our personalised email campaigns boost efficiency with bespoke content, boosting Account-based Customer engagement and driving Revenue Growth.

Time Optimization

Our Data Intelligence-based approach capitalises on the purchasing intent and budget, mapping to maximize your engagement via periodic emails.

Real-time Engagement

We shed light on the entire customer engagement and the buying journey for our client's by closely monitoring the campaign’s performance. Goal-oriented insights enables client's to make smarter Business decisions for the coming future.


Programmatic Marketing

LeadsINFRA is a leader in programmatic marketing, leveraging cutting-edge technology to reach and engage your target audience in the most effective and efficient way possible. Our programmatic solutions automate the marketing process, allowing you to create highly targeted content that speaks directly to your audience. With the ability to take into consideration various factors such as age, gender, geolocation, and browsing habits, our approach ensures that your marketing message lands in the hands of those who are most likely to be interested in your offerings. This results in higher conversions and a higher return on investment. Our patented programmatic marketing solutions set us apart from the competition, making us the go-to choice for businesses looking to effectively reach their target audience and achieve their marketing goals.

Programmatic Marketing