Precision Marketing

Precision Marketing

Our disruptive approach of Account-Based Marketing brings a collaboration of Market Intelligence into every stage of the lead funnel, giving us an edge over our competitors.

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Performance Marketing

Our performance marketing solutions are thoughtfully structured to understand the customer journey, right from their thought process to their specific business needs, delivering business-critical output.

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Lead Conversion

With our robust lead conversions, we identify the best potential prospects in the target market, helping you with exquisite in-market leads with prior engagement, delving right to the bottom of the marketing funnel.

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A Revenue Consulting Company Steering The ABM Evolution

The outreach of leadsINFRA Account-Based Marketing is bolstered with ideal customer profiling, relevancy mapping, market intelligence, customer experience mapping, competitive intelligence, and business objectives mapping, building opportunities for clients globally.

Leading The Way Through Disruption And A Precision-Based Approach

With a hands-on expert pool across domains and more than 1000+ markets being mapped, makes leadsINFRA are enviably placed as the inevitable industry disruptor.

Actionable Intelligence To Drive Higher Conversions

Our Actionable Intelligence uses precision marketing and high propensity targeting of accounts using predictive analysis and data intelligence, targeting consumers who are most likely to convert, with the potential to reduce media spend, boost conversion rates, and improve campaign ROI.

Powered By ABMiTM

ABMi (Account-based Market Intelligence) integrating Market Research, KOL(Key Opinion Leaders) Insights, and building Customized messaging through Technology intervention is our disruptive approach towards the market. With a distinct method of collaborating Market-Intelligence into every stage of the Lead-Funnel, leadsINFRA paves the way for the most sought-after qualified leads.

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Consulting Led Engagement

  • Global Companies - big and small, are using innovative methodologies and transforming digitally.
  • Scaled services supporting demand generation efforts – from tactical improvements to large-scale transformation efforts.
  • Seamless Integration of lead consulting, data intelligence, technology, and best industry practices.
  • Helping clients make accurate business decisions through our multi-layer intent coupled with data intelligence.

Trigger-based Intent

  • Behaviour-based triggers -Building trust with our clients by studying and monitoring their online behavior and collating data.
  • Engagement-based triggers- We help you increase the rates of engagement, sparking curiosity among customers, leading to higher conversion rates.
  • Event-based triggers- Applying a personal touch is key! Clients connecting emotionally to a particular event are more likely to engage in business with you.

Lead Development

  • Dextrous lead development creates robust marketing and sales opportunities, increasing brand engagement.
  • Aligning flexible and expansible solutions to your mission-critical goals.
  • Cost-effective means of maneuvering maximum leads through the entire sales funnel.

Pin-pointed Business Outcomes

  • Rendering solutions right on the money, while bridging any gaps faced by the client.
  • Bespoke solutions, coupled with robust industry knowledge and profound data intelligence, form the backbone for our disruptive approach, thereby building new opportunities.
  • ABM-driven approach changes the entire outlook towards your potential pipeline.

Engagement Road Map

Turning Actionable insights into opportunities

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