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Customers today have access to an abundance of information and tools, allowing them to make informed decisions and confidently close a sale. Empowerment is key.


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Being a jack-of-all-trades is great for parties, but not for consulting. A successful firm needs a deep understanding of their client's industries to deliver meaningful solutions. Without sector-specific expertise, you might as well be recommending a barber to a bald client.

Our Team

G R Vishwanath
G R Viswanath- CEO

G R Vishwanath is a Chartered Accountant and a seasoned business consulting veteran with over a decade of professional experience. His expertise lies in strategy consulting, business diligence, financial planning, cross-functional management, investment analysis, and RoI analysis. Prior to leadsINFRA, he has worked with top financial and research institutions such as UBS and MarketsandMarkets.

Beyond his impressive professional accomplishments, Vishy is a multifaceted individual with diverse passions. He is an avid cook and a passionate theater enthusiast, having worked in TV series, cinema, and theater plays. Despite his busy schedule, Vishy remains a compassionate human being at his core, and his spirituality shines through in everything he does. He is known for his humility and shows traits of a teacher, always eager to impart his knowledge and help others grow.

Rohan Salgarkar
Rohan Salgarkar-MD and CSO

Rohan Salgarkar is the visionary co-founder and CSO of leadsINFRA, a leading marketing and sales consulting firm that specializes in hardcore lead/demand generation services. With over 15 years of experience in strategic consulting and cross-functional management, Rohan has worked with top companies in the ICT and Oil & Gas industries. He holds a degree in computer science from Fergusson College and an MBA in marketing from the prestigious MIT School of Business. Rohan's innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit have been instrumental in leadsINFRA's success, making it a top choice for clients looking to grow their top line, add new logos, and expand to newer markets. Rohan is dedicated to leveraging cutting-edge technology and innovative strategies to help clients achieve their growth targets.

Masood Choudhary-MD and COO

Masood Choudhary is a dynamic MD and COO for leadsINFRA with 15+years of expertise in B2B demand gen for technology companies. As an IT engineer he could passionately combine his creativity with analytical skills to deliver innovative solutions for his clients.

Masood loves playing cricket and keep winning awards( definitely would be a cricketer if not for the sake of his love for engineering). He is also an expert cook and gym freak.

Masood's empathetic approach puts people first, and his ability to connect with others on a human level sets him apart, making him a valuable asset to any team. His dedication to physical fitness and his culinary skills showcase his well-rounded personality.

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Our Values



At LeadsINFRA, we uphold the highest standards of honesty and ethics in all our interactions. We prioritize transparency, trust, and accountability to build lasting partnerships with our clients.


Team Spirit

At LeadsINFRA, we work as a cohesive unit to achieve our common goals. We encourage each other to grow and learn, celebrate our successes, and support one another during challenges.


Customer Focus

At LeadsINFRA, our customers are at the center of everything we do. We listen to their needs, provide tailored solutions, and go above and beyond to deliver outstanding results.