Aligning with clients today is more crucial than ever.  We are clearly living in unprecedented times, forcing us to challenge and reshape our lives and outlooks in every possible way. If one must address the elephant right way in the room, Account Based Marketing isn’t restricted just to marketing! In all honesty, it’s about the Accounts! – how to win, convert, service and retain them efficiently than your competitors.

Account-Based engagement stands as a testimony to the ABM evolution that has encouraged companies globally to strengthen, creating a coherent and holistic customer experience, as one is targeting accounts, rather than a broad audience, thereby engaging with them at several touchpoints.

Beyond the correct strategies, enterprising account engagers hone on some key practices- like constructing an account pyramid, with regards to distribution and resources. They ideally define a customer profile, segmenting the target market against availability, further deep-diving with the help of account-based intelligence, prioritizing results into layers based on opportunity and business objectives.

 Account-specific engagement helps the sales process, making it more efficient and resourceful. Blanketing certain accounts to with personal touches, helps raise awareness and interest among potential decision makers outside the sales reach, translating into developing of specific roles with a high -touch direct mail. It could also pay a pivotal role in helping sales earn a supreme role at their target accounts. ABE can be considered as a choreographed dance as opposed to a relay rat race, as it paves way as a collaborated conversation between members on the buyer side and customer functions.

Another trick up the sleeve with Account-based engagers is adopting of technologies after proving their ABM based strategies and executing them successfully. Using of technology, they have on-hand comes in handy to engage customers or potential buyers on an account-by-account basis. This ploy comes in use to fill any gaps in their current tech stack.

Right at the crux, Account Based Engagement revolves around integrating marketing, sales, and service, powering through the cultural bifurcations in organizations, and engaging at a deeper and a more customer centric level with the clients. This will play a pivotal role in growing the Business significantly. It’s imperative that this disruptive approach is rooted with a deeper understanding of the high expectations that customers have in terms of engagement by companies, anticipating their needs and offering tailor made solutions in the existing environment as required.

Engagement, in today’s time must be intuitive and thoughtful, keeping the collective hurdles in mind. Fundamentally Account -based engagement has the power to do so, give the uncertain times we are thriving in. Organizations rising to this challenge are being rewarded with long time business value and higher retention graphs over time. What could deem more important than that?