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AscentHR - An HRIS, Payroll and Compliance Service Provider (Customized RQLTM)


An Indian multinational technology company; providing HRIS, Payroll, and Compliance service across 15+ countries.

Business Objective

To optimize revenue pipeline for HRIS, Payroll, and Compliance services for India, Malaysia, the Philippines, and Singapore.


The Client has a robust presence in the Indian subcontinent from a brand recall perspective. ABMiTM backed RQLsTM solutions are expected to give Ascent, a better understanding of their clients and optimize their client handling cost by removing “Freebies”. Few Operational Challenges faced by the client were as follows:

• Offering for contractual employees

• Complex UI leading to poor user experience

• Feature Customization: Lack of a unified platform that houses the required features

• Slow Troubleshooting: Taking too long to solve a particular issue associated with the software

• Pricing and mode of payment: Customers seek a flexible pricing model

• Storage mechanism for sensitive data: Data leakages have emerged as a major challenge for HRIS software providers and customers

Few Strategic Challenges faced by the client were as follows:

• Need for industry-specific solutions

• Greater demand for manual payroll processing among small and mid-scale organizations

• Tech Integration Issues: Inclusion of key disruptive technologies that include big data, RPA, etc.)

• Compliance issues: Regulatory factors and labor laws are different for each country


Through our offerings of Whitepapers, Primary Interview Verbatims, and Customized RQLTM, we were able to help the client with better positioning in the market availing our due diligence solutions. and persona mapping. Using our Due Diligence, we helped in improvising Ascent’s market positioning. To sum up, we conducted Data Research and Lead Generation initiation, ending with an effective Sales pitch with pinpointed outcomes.


• Linked promotion for content:


• Email campaigns to 10,000 + contacts

• Calling activity for demo scheduling.

• 60 High Qualified leads

• 51 Customized Research Qualified LeadsTM

• 41 cold calling 12 email marketing

• Timeline for this result 1 month

• Current team capacity and deliverables:

• 8 resources including Research Analysts 3 & Inside sales execs 5

• Plan to scale-up this approach for 4 quarters: each quarter minimum 90 leads

• 30 resources including Research Analysts 12 & Inside sales execs 18

• Leads delivered per month:

• 270 RQLs | 60 Meetings/demos/appointments | 120 CCLs.