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Bell Canada (Telecommunications) - Assisting them to target Push-to-talk Accounts


An Indian Artificial Intelligence technology company, providing AI video graphics, Content and Digital Media services.

Business Objective

  • To understand ecosystem of Push to Talk (PTT) market and arrive at service fitment of BCE
  • To understand key challenges and pain points of PTT ecosystem by key stakeholders
  • Map down the key competitors from North American region
  • Analyze the revenue forecast from key demand centers of PTT
  • To recommend marketing strategies to create fat revenue pipeline for BCE
  • To map business 30 opportunities for BCE using mechanism of Research Qualified Leads
  • To target VP and D Level executives from “First Respondent” communication equipment companies
  • To conduct 35 primary interviews of PTT’s component manufacturers, OEMs, and distributors. Preferred designations for primary interviews were Product Managers, Operation Heads and Engineering Heads
  • To generate inbound leads by attracting traffic on whitepapers, syndicate report marketing collaterals and blogs


  • Speed of Response
  • Sharing of images, video, and other multimedia files over PTT

Dynamic Market

Key Findings

  • The software market held the second largest share of 34.8% in 2018 in the component segment, owing to the increasing use of PTT over cellular networks. The rising use of PTT by smartphone users to reduce costs and improve efficiency, is increasing the market for the software component.
  • The hardware component is growing at a high CAGR of 14.2% during the forecast period which is an attractive area for investment. The rising demand for hardware components such as headsets, microphones, speakers, connectivity modules, and others is considerably increasing.
  • The North America PTT service market was valued at US$ 277.5 Mn in the year 2018 and is expected to reach US$ 403.6 Mn by 2026, growing with a CAGR of 5.0% during the forecast period. The service segment is further segmented into network services, integration & deployment services, and maintenance & support services.
  • 45% of respondents stated that telecom player will play a pivotal in integrating new aged technologies in PTT industry
  • 60% of respondent stated that PTT hardware segment is ready to integrate beyond LTE connectivity
  • 40% of end users stated that multimedia data sharing is critical paint point
  • Rising Need for Public Safety
    Rising Smartphones is Driving the PTT over Cellular Market
  • Increasing Use of IoT


For consulting

      • Consultative reports of 135 pages, consisting key sections like –
        • Push to Talk (PTT) ecosystem mapping by segments like– Components, Devices, System Integrators, Machine/Device level software, Services, Technologies, and End Users
          • By revenue
          • By trends
          • By competition
        • PTT market overview
          • Market drivers
          • Market challenges
          • Key pain points
        • PTT revenue forecast (2019-2026) By segments mentioned above and geography
        • Competitive intelligence
          • Market share
          • Competition benchmarking
  • For ABMiTM
    • Content Syndication 
    • Email Marketing
      • Human verified contact database of 4500 was targeted for email campaigns
      • Google analytics and AdWords were used to tap right set of “keywords” which are searched along with PTT/Push to Talk
      • Persona-wise pain point/challenge and Google analytics driven email pitch was used to generate response
    • Research
      • Primary interviews and surveys were conducted to map pain points, challenges, success stories, strategies, revenue outlook, trends, and market gaps
      • Integration of secondary research-based results and historic datasets of PTT helped to triangulate results
      • Derivative of research activities like whitepapers, blogs, email / calling pitch, market gap and product fitment analysis, helped to create powerful assets to generate RQLs
    • Tele calling/Appointment generation
      • Intelligence driven calling pitch and identification of key stakeholders helped tele calling team to schedule 30 appointments in duration of 3 months
      • Objections like technical specifications, historic case studies and relativity of client’s offering to pain points were handled by using BCE’s assets and primary verbatims


  • Consulting
    • Actionable insights specific 135-page consulting report was submitted to client
    • 3 Presentations were conducted to present findings and recommendations
    •  Interconnected ecosystems were mapped to present new revenue opportunities in PTT market
  • ABMiTM
    • 615 High Qualified leads
    • 61 Research Qualified LeadsTM
    • 30 appointments generated
    • 133 times PTT specific assets were requested though landing page (inbound traffic generation)